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Hello World!

As the daughter of two avid collectors, I was dragged to antique shows, shops, and auctions for as long as I can remember.  Over the years, I developed my own passion for these tangible reminders of days gone by.  I am especially attracted to antique toys and children’s items dating from the early Victorian era to about 1950.  These items speak of the charm and innocence of a much simpler time. 

I plan on sharing unique children’s items with you via this blog.  Much is known about some of the items’ histories but the backgrounds of others remain partial mysteries.  All have stories to tell though – of the excitement of Christmas mornings and hours of play and childhood friendships.  I hope we can share in the fun of telling these stories together.

Some of the items I blog about will be available for sale.  I have sold on Ebay for nearly 10 years under the ID Elszen.  You are always welcome to check out my current auctions in addition to this blog!