Girl and her "Bonnie Babe" Doll

Over the years I have come across a lot of photographs showing little girls with their dolls.  This photo, showing a beautiful child with Georgene Averill’s “Bonnie Babe” doll, is one of my absolute favorites.

The visual composition of the photo is spectacular –  the beauty of the little girl, the lovely oriental screen in the background, and the clear shot of the doll’s face make for an incredible image!

Located in New York, the Averill doll manufacturing company was in operation from 1915-1965.  James “Paul” Averill and wife Georgene Hopf-Averill were the original founders of this company.  Georgene served as a doll designer while her husband handled more of the matters pertaining to business.

The company is probably best known for producing Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls and “Bonnie Babe.”

“Bonnie Babe” was produced from 1926 to 1946.  She had a bisque or celluloid head along with a composition, bisque, or cloth body.  She is marked Copr. By/Georgene Averill/Germany/1005-3653/1386 or 1402 on the back of her head.  The bisque heads for this doll were made by either Alt, Beck & Gottschalk or Kestner and imported from Germany.

“Bonnie Babe” is a German Character doll meaning that her features were molded to resemble those of a real baby.

This photo dates from “Bonnie Babe’s” earliest years of production – probably just around 1926.

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