I marvel at children’s creativity – especially the creativity of children who lived during the Victorian age.  Since mass-produced toys weren’t as cheap or commonplace as they are today, some children made their own playthings from images found in catalogues.

This lovely set of paper dolls shows the vision and imagination of a little girl living over 100 years ago.  She obviously took her mother’s fancy hat catalogue and cut out figures and hats for them to wear.

Each of the dolls measures about 8″ high and is made of a medium-weight paper. The dolls have such a wide assortment of hats to try on!  I love the vibrant colors and detail to the lithography of the hats!  Brilliant!

Perhaps the girl who made and played with this unusual set pretended that the paper ladies worked in a millinery shop.  Or, maybe they were hat models…  Or, perhaps they were just a couple of friends out on a shopping spree!

Did you ever make a set of paper dolls when you were a child?

This set is currently listed for sale on EBay.  I sell under the user name of Elszen.

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1.  Laura C-K
June 10th, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Love this set!


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