Before she turned eight, she had the most recognizable face in the world. She was the top box-office draw for four consecutive years during the Great Depression. She dined with presidents and foreign dignitaries and played with their children. Why shouldn’t she have had her own clothing line?!

This wonderful dress is from the “Shirley Temple” Cinderella Frocks line manufactured by The Rosenau Brothers company in the 1930’s!

In 1934 Sidney Rosenau acquired the rights to use Shirley’s name and adaptations of her movie wardrobe for a line of children’s clothing under the Cinderella Frocks brand. The Philadelphia and New York-based company produced a large line of clothing bearing Temple’s name all throughout the 1930’s. After a period of hiatus in the 1940’s, the company again began producing “Shirley Temple” designs in the late 1950’s, riding on the popularity of the “Shirley Temple Storybook” television series.

Rosenau and Temple maintained a friendship over the years that began when she was a child. She was quite fond of him and he even acted as court-appointed guardian for her in a New York-based lawsuit against a small company that infringed on Ideal Doll Company’s exclusive rights to create Shirley Temple Dolls.

The dress is adorable! I love the purple color and the sassy print! What a treat it must have been for a little girl living during the Depression-era! Shirley Temple Frocks came with graphic hang tags, which are now collector’s items themselves. I once came across a 1930’s Shirley Temple scrapbook that included over ten hang tags pasted throughout its pages. The child who owned the scrapbook must have had a completely “Shirley Temple-inspired” wardrobe! I have included an example of a tag in the gallery images at the bottom.

This dress is just one of the many unusual 1930’s liscensed Shirley Temple products. Soap, socks, slippers, raincoats, and even underwear beared the young star’s name.

This rare dress is currently for sale on EBay. I sell under the user name of Elszen.

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