Superman is probably the most recognizable comic book character around! His iconic red cape and “S” chest logo have become synonymous with action, adventure, and heroism. He is definitely a fan favorite!

It’s difficult to believe that our “Man of Steel” is nearly eighty years old! He was created in 1932 by the writer Jerry Siegel and cartoonist Joe Shuster while both men were living in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a fan of early films and was delighted to discover that Siegel and Shuster modeled Superman from Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and his alter ego, Clark Kent, from be-speckled comedian, Harold Lloyd. In 1938, the duo sold the character to Detective Comics, Inc. (later to become DC Comics) which made the first comic book featuring Superman later that year.

Over the years Superman has been featured in comic books, comic strips, radio serials, television shows, video games, and films.

In 1940, the character was first featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Around this time, companies started selling licensed merchandise. The earliest was a button issued in 1939 proclaiming membership in the Superman of America Club. Puzzles, paper cut-outs, wooden and metal figures, games, trading cards, and even valentines followed.

This Superman Quoit Junior Ring Toss Game was produced by Super-Swim, Inc. in about 1955. A Horseshoes set with a similar look was also produced by the company around the same time. “Senior” versions of both games were also produced with heftier (and potentially more dangerous) parts for older children. Superman may have been at his height in popularity when this game was produced because of the extremely popular television program based on the superhero airing at the time, starring George Reeves. This piece is a perfect example of a simple game that has been made more appealing to children by adding Superman’s name and image to its box. I’m sure that the children who played with it were at their best – imagining that they had some of Superman’s powers!

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