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I hope everyone had a happy holiday!  I’ve had a whirlwind couple weeks.  I traveled to Long Island to help with a good friend’s surprise engagement, returned to Massachusetts, and then traveled to Pennsylvania for four days.  I’m back home in Massachusetts now with my Siamese cat sitting on my lap as I type.

This framed articulated scrap is one of the treasures I found when I was antiquing in Pennsylvania.  She dates from about 1900 and has been dressed in a gorgeous full white skirt and pink bows.  I’m not sure if her dressing dates from the Victorian era or later.

Starting in the 1880’s the Dennison Company, based in Framingham, MA, produced paper doll sets that included printed and colored crepe paper to make homemade clothes.  The art of making clothing for paper dolls skyrocketed and popularity after this.

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A FABULOUS and RARE image, courtesy of maclancy on

I just love this photo as you don’t usually see images of children with their toys in their bedrooms.  Everything is so quaint – from the daisy-speckled wrought-iron bed, to the interesting wall-hangings, to the lovely dolls.  The little girl’s name is Lillie and I bet she spent many happy hours playing in this room surrounded by little friends.

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I sold this gorgeous brown-eyed china doll a little over a year ago.  She had the finest facial painting and the much-coveted “pink tint” to her china.  She was most likely made by the German firm of Kestner about 1850 and has the “covered wagon” hairstyle that was popular at the time. 

China dolls with brown eyes are very rare as most had blue eyes.  The following paragraph, taken from, explains eye color in early china dolls.

In last quarter of the 1900’s, a large demand existed for the china dolls. China heads were mass produced as porcelain prices were low & could be made inexpensively. Doll heads in simple hairstyles and were more assessable to the general public. The brown eyed china of that era were sometimes called “shop dolls” as every 100th doll on the production line was painted with brown eyes. Brown eyes , however, were a characteristic of the much earlier Greiner type china dolls and earlier manufacturers. Most china dolls came with blue eyes so the brown eyed china was rare.

Besides her brown eyes, I also find the provenance written on the doll’s back interesting.  Both Josephine L Wood and Mabel Newell Ripley acted as “mommies” to this beauty.  I’m guessing that the women are related and the doll was passed down through the family.  Perhaps Mabel was Josephine’s great-grandaughter.  I did some geneology research on Josephine L Wood online and came up with a possible match who traveled across the country with her family in the mid-1800s.  Perhaps this doll was a true “covered wagon doll” and came with her on the long and arduous journey, providing Josephine with some comfort and cheer.

A very interesting photo of a child with her china doll.  Collectors can date china dolls by their intricate hairstyles which copied the fashion of the time.  This doll’s hairstyle was most popular in the 1890s and known as a “low brow” head with all-over curls.  If you’d like to learn more about china doll hairstyles, the link below is an excellent reference.

Doll Reference China Head Dolls

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I love it when I come across very unusual and rare items when I’m antiquing. The striking Persian tea set is an example! It is made of hand-painted enamel over copper and is just gorgeous! The antique dealer told me it was from a very elderly woman’s estate who had traveled the world with her husband.

The set has a very similar look to the Ohio Art tin tea sets of the 1930s and 40s. I think it would be so cute displayed with some dolls or teddy bears!

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