I hope everyone had a happy holiday!  I’ve had a whirlwind couple weeks.  I traveled to Long Island to help with a good friend’s surprise engagement, returned to Massachusetts, and then traveled to Pennsylvania for four days.  I’m back home in Massachusetts now with my Siamese cat sitting on my lap as I type.

This framed articulated scrap is one of the treasures I found when I was antiquing in Pennsylvania.  She dates from about 1900 and has been dressed in a gorgeous full white skirt and pink bows.  I’m not sure if her dressing dates from the Victorian era or later.

Starting in the 1880’s the Dennison Company, based in Framingham, MA, produced paper doll sets that included printed and colored crepe paper to make homemade clothes.  The art of making clothing for paper dolls skyrocketed and popularity after this.

If you would like to purchase this beautiful framed doll, visit the link to my auctions at the top of the page!  She will be listed for sale this week!

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