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I was captivated by this little beauty when I spotted her in an online antique store. She is an all-bisque German Mignonette Doll dating from about 1910. I love her accessories! She has two tiny sheep, a doll, and a basket.

For those of you unfamiliar with this type of toy, “mignonette” is a French term for a diminutive or small doll. In the collecting world, they’re also referred to as “poupee de pouche” or “doll for your pocket.”  Made by both French and German companies, these dolls became very popular in the 1880s and continued to be popular through the 1920s. Many came with elaborate costumes and accessories. Others were sold alone and little girls could buy patterns to make their clothes and boxes to fit them.

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Something different today!

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I know that this video doesn’t relate directly to toys but it captured my heart! If any of you are “Sound of Music” fans, it is definitely worth a view!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I love this image!  I haven’t ever seen another quite like it.  It is a real photo postcard dating from about 1915 and showing two children with Santa Claus and a taxidermy reindeer.  It’s amazing that this scene was set up in a photographer’s studio.

You can see a Teddy Bear and stuffed horse peeking out of Santa’s bag at the back of the sleigh!

Happy December 1rst, everyone!  Has it snowed in your area yet?