Here is another wonderful item I picked up when I was in Pennsylvania over the holidays!  She is a 20″ tall composition beauty dating from the 1940’s and made by the Arranbee firm! 

I believe she is a Nancy Lee model from the late 1940’s or early 1950’s.  I love her elaborate Spanish-inspired costume with its shawl and full dress. 

The Arranbee Doll Company has an interesting history – one that is intertwined with some other well-known doll companies including Vogue Dolls, the maker of Ginny.  According to

Arranbee Doll Company (R & B) was located in New York, made bisque, composition, rubber, hard plastic and vinyl dolls. They were a well known USA doll manufacturer who in their early years imported dolls and parts to be assembled in the USA, some of their bisque doll heads were made by Armand Marseille and Simon & Halbig, but later they produced their own high quality dolls.   Arranbee also has a history with the Vogue doll company.  As early as 1927 Vogue purchased dolls from R & B to redress and sell as their own.  One of these was the Dora doll who is 11″ and used the Debu’Teen head mold, also the Sportswoman doll series 14 or 17″ tall, both dolls are all composition.

In 1959 Arranbee was bought by the Vogue Doll Company who continued to use the R & B marking until early 1961.

If you’re interested in purchasing this stunning doll, she is currently for sale on EBay!  Check out the link to my auctions at the top of the page!

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