If you grew up in the 1950’s, you are familiar with the Western craze that peaked during that era.  Chances are you spent hours of play pretending you were a cowboy or girl - chasing down outlaws or rounding up cattle.  Shows like “Gunsmoke,” “Wagon Train,” “The Rifleman,” “Tales of Wells Fargo,” and “Wyatt Earp” ruled the airways and captured the imaginations of adults and children alike.  Americans were obsessed with all things western as they continued to settle and populate the untamed West!

I just returned from a trip to the West with a friend and will devote this week’s posts to children’s items and toys inspired by the Western craze of the 1950’s.  During our trip I fell in love with the serene plains of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska, the majestic mountains of Colorado, and the small quaint towns in Wyoming.  The photo in the gallery is of me on the porch of the Stanley Hotel (made famous by Stephen King) in Estes Park, CO.

This wonderful image of a suburban family dressed in Western attire is courtesy of Mclancy on Etsy.

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1.  Betty
July 15th, 2011 at 12:49 pm

I lived in Dayton, OH in the 1950’s. My cowgirl outfit was in pink and black. I wanted to wear it every day. I insisted on wearing it even to grocery shop with my mother. I think in my head, it was Annie Oakley I was relating to. I probably wore it out. It wasn’t terribly substancial material. It was a little bit of heaven at the time.


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