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This toy catalog dates from 1939 features some of the most amazing toys of the period!  It is from Jack Edwards Store, Carbondale, PA and features two children on its cover, “Billy and Ruth.”  There is a letter from Billy and Ruth inside the front cover.  I’m not sure if they were actual children or fictional characters made up by the store.

I have included images of some of the pages in the 40-page catalog.  The selection of toys is so diverse!  From Popeye and Lone Ranger toys, to Deanna Durbin and Betsy Wetsy Dolls! 

It’s amazing that the Popeye Dippy Dumper Auto only cost 49c in 1939!  Can you imagine how much it would be worth in mint condition now?!?

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I spent Thursday and Friday at the extraordinary Brimfield Antique show in Central Massachusetts.   The show, which is held in May, June, and September, turns the tiny town of Brimfield, MA into a city of  about 5000 antique dealers and countless buyers.  Interesting items, great conversations, and fantastic carnival-type food all make for a fun day!

This year, I spotted an amazing piece of folk art: a hand-carved carousel from the mid-1800s.  The dealer told me that it was once part of a traveling medicine show and circus and was situated between the popcorn machine and the real carousel.  The toy carousel and figures were powered by steam, which caused the carousel to go around in circles and some of the figures to move, including a figure of a man who drops a milk bottle in front of a very stern-looking woman!  The material used for the toy’s tent was from an original Big Top.

The elderly man who the dealer bought this piece from said the circus show was owned by members of his family and went out of business in the 1930’s.  He has a picture of himself as a boy standing in front of the working carousel!

If you’re interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind piece, contact!