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School is back in session for children around the country!  This darling image dating from 1928, reminds us that there is fun involved in the learning too!

The photo hails from the well-known Frances Thompson Studio in San Francisco, CA and dates from 1928.  The children are holding some incredible toys – from a number of dolls that resemble Effanbee’s Bubbles, to lithographed books, to a cardboard dog! 

Take a look at the images in the gallery for more detailed shots!

The photo and information are courtesy of “Memories of Things Past” on Ruby Lane.  Click here to check out this great shop!

I found this wonderful Raphael Tuck “Father Christmas” book when I was out antiquing today!  It contains beautiful lithographs and is full of holiday spirit.  It has been dearly loved by its previous owner and was probably read many times during the holiday season every year.

Raphael Tuck is one of my favorite Victorian children’s book publishers.  The warm illustrations and rich quality of the lithography are unmatched.  The UNT Library posted the following information about Tuck on their site:

Raphael Tuck was the first of the Germans to begin to make a name for himself in novelty books. He moved from Germany to England as a young man, working initially as a furniture maker. In 1866, he opened a small shop selling and framing pictures and chromolithographs, which were printed mostly in Germany. He also sold materials from a wheelbarrow in the streets of London. 

In 1870, his sons joined him to open a publishing business in London. Their productions included special paper items such as cards, puzzles, and paper dolls. Before Raphael Tuck’s retirement in 1882, he became a British citizen and the official Publisher to Queen Victoria.

The Tuck firm helped to perpetuate Raphael Tuck’s amiable disposition by the publication of children’s books under the title Father Tuck.

I think Frances Brundage may have done the illustrations for this book.  In any case, it is ADORABLE!  It will be listed for sale on EBay tomorrow.  Click the link at the top of the page to my auctions to check out the auction!

I’ve decided to add one more “Christmas in July” post for the month!

Shirley Temple had the most recognizable face in the world in the 1930’s. She was the top Hollywood box-office draw for four years in a row (1935-1938). Companies that had the rights to produce products with her likeness gained much revenue from this Depression-era youngster’s popularity.

The Saalfield Company out of Akron, Ohio had exclusive rights to publish Shirley Temple books in the 1930’s and their “Shirley Temple Christmas Book” from 1937 is one of my favorites!

This book includes a paper doll set, Christmas carols, a play to act out, holiday cards, a template for a letter to Santa, and other fun activities! I’m sure that this books provided hours of fun for a child living during years when money to buy fine toys was scarce.

Do you have any memories of inexpensive, yet fun, Christmas toys?

Every little girl knows the story of Cinderella.  It is a tale of hardship and happy endings; of romance and true love.  Many of us probably even imagined that we were Cinderella and dreamed about our handsome prince finding us and living happily ever after!

This wonderful children’s book by McLoughlin tells the age-old tale in a slightly different fashion – through the eyes of a theatergoer viewing a stage production!  As the reader turns the pages, theatergoers in their boxes can be seen on additional flaps on the sides of the book.  

McLoughlin published at least two other stories in this format: Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood.  These theater-shaped books were patented by McLoughlin in 1891 and known as the “proscenium format.”

The chromolithographs found throughout the book are amazing! 

I think this book is so special because it tells two stories simultaneously: the story of Cinderella and the story of the excitement and glamour of a night at the theater! 

If you’re interested in purchasing this treasure, it is currently listed on EBay.  I sell under the ID Elszen.