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A wonderful doll accessory from the late 1920’s!  This Doll Dressmaker set dates from 1928 and was produced by the J W Spears company! 

I would’ve loved to have seen some of the outfits that girls made with a kit like this!  Little dresses for their all-bisque dolls or Kewpies!

The box is my favorite part, showing two sisters making clothes for their beloved baby.  This image reminds me very much of my younger sister and I when we were young.  We spent hours making outfits for our Sylvanian Family toys.  I, like the older sister in the box image, did most of the work while my sister watched.  We didn’t have a kit like this but used leftover scraps from my mom’s quilting.

J W Spears has quite an interesting history, as stated in Wikipedia:

J. W. Spear and Sons was a significant manufacturer of board games during the 20th century. The company was registered in Fürth, near Nuremberg, Germany in 1879 producing goods such as table mats, photo frames and waste-paper baskets. By the turn of the century games had become the main product and output gradually expanded until the company become one of the best-known international manufacturers of games and children’s activity kits, employing up to 600 people.

In 1932 they set up a factory in Britain and with rise to power of the Nazis and the Spear family being Jewish, production was gradually moved to Britain. The Nuremberg factory survived most of World War II under Nazi control until the Royal Air Force bombed it.

The UK factory switched to military production during the war and then returned to making games. In 1954 the company acquired the rights to produce and market Scrabble for markets outside North America. As well as board games they made the Brickplayer construction toy.

The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1966 and was taken over by Mattel in 1994 after a bidding war with Hasbro. Mattel closed the UK factory and while it still produces Scrabble, most of the traditional Spear’s Games are no longer made.

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June is approaching and it is the season for weddings!  These little Japanese cake-toppers, dating from the 1920s or 1930s, most likely stood atop a wedding cake nearly a century ago!  I’m sure toppers like these were oftentimes confiscated by children after the wedding to play with.  What fun it is to play Bride and Groom!

This delightful set is currently for sale in the Etsy shop, TinselandTrinkets.  The shop has a lot of wonderful antique child-related items including scraps, books, and odds and ends!  All items are photographed in an artsy way!  Definitely worth a peek!

I am in the process of moving from the Boston area to the Kansas City area and apologize for being so irregular with my blogging!  Bear with me for the next couple months as I will get back into a more regular flow again!  My sister is also getting married in the middle of June (hence my choice of blog topic today) and I will definitely share photos of the wedding!


Beautiful photo of a lovely young girl have tea with her bisque doll.  This doll is possibly French – judging from her wig and very thick eyebrows.  I can’t say this with certainty though. 

I hope you’re having a great week!  We have some sunshine here in Massachusetts!

A very brief post today to share with you one of the treasures I currently have listed for sale on EBay.  This is a wonderfully-detailed bisque character baby doll dating from about 1910.  His painted features are so finely-done and I love his multiple layers of clothes.  I think my favorite thing about this little doll is his adorable socks with blue ribbons.

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Vintage pictures of children with identifiable toys are such treasures!  This 1939 photo of a beautiful, raven-haired tot with her Pinocchio doll is certainly a find!

The doll shown in the photo was made by the Ideal Doll company around 1939/1940 to coincide with the release of the Walt Disney Film.  As many of you know, the Ideal Doll company is most famous for their best-selling, authorized Shirley Temple doll. 

Many toys were made in the likeness of characters from this classic film including a Pinocchio wind-up toy by Marx,  paper masks of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Jepedo, and bisque figures of characters from the film.  The Knickerbocker Toy company also made a wooden Jiminy Cricket Doll that is as cute as a button!  I have included an image in the gallery!  Enjoy!