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It’s been so hot here in Massachusetts that I thought it might be pleasant to do a few “Christmas in July” posts! The Christmas-themed items I’ll be posting over the next few days remind us that cooler days are just around the corner!

I feel in love with this German Christmas bakery room box because of the maker’s attention to detail and creativity. The fir Christmas tree, the lithographs of Santa Claus and children on the counter and walls, the baked goods, and the tiny porcelain dishes just add to the intricacy and whimsical charm of the piece!

This room box dates from from about 1900 – around the time when making these miniature works of art was at its most popular. Victorians often spent hours finding the perfect objects to complete the scene that they imagined. We find the boxes so interesting because they give us a glimpse into what life was like a century ago!

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