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I’ve decided to add one more “Christmas in July” post for the month!

Shirley Temple had the most recognizable face in the world in the 1930’s. She was the top Hollywood box-office draw for four years in a row (1935-1938). Companies that had the rights to produce products with her likeness gained much revenue from this Depression-era youngster’s popularity.

The Saalfield Company out of Akron, Ohio had exclusive rights to publish Shirley Temple books in the 1930’s and their “Shirley Temple Christmas Book” from 1937 is one of my favorites!

This book includes a paper doll set, Christmas carols, a play to act out, holiday cards, a template for a letter to Santa, and other fun activities! I’m sure that this books provided hours of fun for a child living during years when money to buy fine toys was scarce.

Do you have any memories of inexpensive, yet fun, Christmas toys?