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Mother Goose’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes have inspired the imaginations of children throughout the centuries. There are many theories surrounding the true identity of this woman who wrote such captivating tales. Some believe that she was based upon ancient legends of the wife of King Robert II of France; others say she was the wife of Isaac Goose and lived in Boston in the 1600s. I have visited this woman’s gravesite in the Granary Burial Ground near the Boston Common. The small gravestone is always covered with pennies left for good luck by Mother Goose devotees.

Through the years, many Mother Goose-themed toys were created.  This wooden bowling game, by Charles Crandell, is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen! Mother Goose is flanked on either side by Jack Spratt, Dame Trott, Tom Tucker, and Jack Horner. The toy is made of wood with paper lithographs attached. A ball was used to hit the pegs at the bottom. This action made the characters’ heads go down.

The toy was made by Charles Crandell. The website Antique Antiques describes this toymaker’s history:

In about 1867 Charles Crandall took over the woodworking shop of his father, in Covington, Pennsylvania, and gradually shifted the firm’s emphasis to toy making. In 1875 he moved the growing firm to Montrose, Pennsylvania, and in 1888 to Waverly, New York. Many of the company’s toys featured components with interlocking tongue-and-groove joints that allowed them to form scores of figures. Especially popular were the Acrobats and Treasure Box. Other products included blocks, puzzles, and games.

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