What a unusual doll! This little all bisque German character doll measures only 2 1/2″ high! The most charming aspect of this little boy is that his mouth, arm, and thumb are molded so he can suck his thumb!

The doll is only marked with a faint number 6 on his back. He is of good quality and might be by Gebruder Heubach, a dollmaker known for his miniature all bisque dolls with expressive faces.

According to Dolls in the Looking Glass: The Joy E. Orozco Collection:

In 1843, two brothers, Georg Christoph and Philipp Jakob Heubach, purchased an existing porcelain factory in Lichte, Germany, for the purpose of making household pottery, figurines, and novelties. The brothers were part of a family of ten children, several of whom were also active in the porcelain industry. The factory continued in the family until 1938 when the firm filed for bankruptcy. The company began making doll heads in 1910 and made mostly character heads and small all-bisque dolls for dollhouses. They produced thousands of head models for many German and American dollmakers. They employed especially skillful modelers, many of whom were trained at the school for sculptors in Lichte founded by Gebrüder Heubach in 1862. The heads often had molded hair and intaglio eyes, a technique used to create an illusion of depth and realism in painted eyes. Although Gebrüder Heubach dolls were economically produced for the less affluent trade, the modeling of the doll heads was artistically exceptional. From the childlike hair styles to dimples on chins, Heubach heads were natural portraits of expressive children. Heubach produced an unusually large number of boy doll heads, many of which were distinctively male.

Even if this little fellow isn’t by Heubach, he sure is adorable!

If you’re interested in learning more about all bisque dolls, the book below is a great reference!

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1.  Arleen
July 2nd, 2010 at 12:54 am

Hello! I have that book and it is a wealth of information. Cute little doll. I looked through by Hertwig & Co book and didn’t find him.


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