A child’s attachment to his or her special toy can be so endearing!  I find that it’s often the story behind how the child received the toy, rather than the toy itself, that makes it so special to the child.   This little all bisque German doll has such a story to tell.

This tiny doll is obviously not an expensive toy of high-quality, but she made one little girl’s stay in an Oklahoma hospital more pleasant.  A note on the doll’s box reads, “I got this doll as a gift from my mother and dad when I was in the hospital in Woodward (Oklahoma) with a broken arm when I was 8 yrs. old.  Sept. 1926.”

What a comfort this doll must’ve been to her owner during this tough time!  We know that she had some adventures after her hospital stay as another note on the box says that “Viva Crabtree made her clothes.”

The owner’s fond memories of this doll continued into adulthood.  A note on the top of the box, written in a mature hand, reads, “Do not destroy.  A keepsake I treasured.”

Did you have a special toy that helped you through a difficult time?

Photos of Doll courtesy of Emmie’s Antique Doll Castle.

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1.  Linda Szendrey
July 1st, 2010 at 5:56 pm

When I was five I contracted the worst case of chicken pox. I was polluted with the sores. Being cofined to my bed I was very lonely. My mother had a new baby to care for and therefore not a lot of time to comfort a five year old. She brought a wrapped present up to my bed. It contained the most beautiful bride doll and trouseau. The doll helped me pass the time and I swear recover sooner. When I was about 25 my mom left me in on a secret. This wonderful gift had actually been purchased as a Christmas present, but she had felt so sorry for me that I received it early. My mom is now gone but I still have the doll,quite a few of her clothes, and wonderful memories.


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