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Amazing image, circa 1918, of a mother and child with a Kewpie doll.  I just love the mother’s bowtie and the large buttons on her skirt!  I wonder where the two live?  I see palm trees in the background.

This wonderful photo is courtesy of Maclancy on Etsy.  Click here to purchase!


A beautiful photo of a striking blonde girl and her doll that looks very much like her!  I love photos of children and their beloved toys!  These one-of-a-kind images capture the special bond between a child and their playthings.  This photo will be offered for sale in my shop on Ruby Lane in the near future!  Antique photos of children with toys are an affordable way to start an antique doll or toy collection!

A very brief post today to share with you one of the treasures I currently have listed for sale on EBay.  This is a wonderfully-detailed bisque character baby doll dating from about 1910.  His painted features are so finely-done and I love his multiple layers of clothes.  I think my favorite thing about this little doll is his adorable socks with blue ribbons.

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This beautiful little baby doll was made by the German firm of Armand Marseille in the 1920’s to compete with Grace Putnam’s Bye-Lo Baby.  The doll is called ”My Dream Baby” and is one of the Marseille firm’s most famous dolls – and also one of the cutest.  The doll was made in various sizes and usually had a cloth body with composition arms.  I find the Dream Babies more appealing than the Bye-Lo Babies. 

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A FABULOUS and RARE image, courtesy of maclancy on

I just love this photo as you don’t usually see images of children with their toys in their bedrooms.  Everything is so quaint – from the daisy-speckled wrought-iron bed, to the interesting wall-hangings, to the lovely dolls.  The little girl’s name is Lillie and I bet she spent many happy hours playing in this room surrounded by little friends.

You can purchase a reproduction of this image on Maclancy’s site on Etsy!  Enjoy!